We use hundreds of foam articles to make life easier at home. Here are some of the “visible” products:

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Household sponges

BET7九州One would think that there is nothing as simple as a sponge. Not quite. Polyurethane foam sponges can be made in several varieties depending on what they will be used for. For example, fine pore hydrophilic sponges have a great level of absorbency and work best on smooth surfaces. Open, rugged style cleaning sponges are better for cracked surfaces.  Some are anti-bacterial, others are abrasive. And of course, there are a multitude of shapes and colours available on the market.

Clothing and shoes

BET7九州Flexible polyurethane foam is used extensively by the clothing and shoe industry.



Polyurethane foam is used in many cosmetic applications, such as eye shadow applicators, foot sponges, facial sponges and cosmetic powder puffs.

Paint pads and rollers 

Foam paint rollers are among the most popular paint application tools worldwide. They are easy to clean and can be re-used many times. They reduce the spillage of paint as well as the amount of paint needed to do the job.



Polyurethane foam is present in many more consumer goodsBET7九州, such as filters for vacuum cleaners, wipers, soft freezing bags, soft toys, polishing pads, diapers… its applications and the benefits it provides are countless. 

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