BET7九州Does your car have anything in common with a space shuttle? As a matter of fact yes, they both heavily rely on polyurethane foam. As do planes, boats and trains.

europur markets transport and automotive

BET7九州The main applications of polyurethane foam in transport applications are for trimming, seats, headrests, (air-conditioning) filters and acoustic insulation. Depending on the application they are being used for, these foams have to comply with specific performance and emission standards.


In cars and trucks:

Moulded polyurethane foam used as filling for car seats and in other moulded polyurethane parts in the automotive industry is in the remit of our sister organisation, .  Most car seats in Europe are made of moulded polyurethane foam.

BET7九州Flexible (slabstock) polyurethane foam is notably used in:


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