BET7九州Polyurethane foam production is based on substances derived from oil, a finite resource. But its properties are such that it is a sustainable product.

BET7九州Its production requires low energy input and, throughout Europe, is governed by the strictest environmental requirements and legislation. The primary blowing agents used for flexible foam production, water and carbon dioxide, are natural elements. Carbon dioxide may be sourced directly from the atmosphere or as a by-product from the production of chemicals. Foam production therefore does not contribute to overall global warming.

Even better, polyurethane foam helps saving energy. For example, its light weight means that – when used in vehicles – it helps reducing fuel consumption by replacing heavier components.

BET7九州In this section you will be able to read more about the sustainability of polyurethane foam throughout its lifecycle: from the raw materials used for its production, the health and safety aspects we care about during production and use, until resource efficiency and recycling at the end of its working life.

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